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Ashleigh has loved being creative from a young age; from the moment she got her first set of crayons as a 'little bod' she has adored drawing.


While at school Ashleigh would attend 'art club' to make sculptures, drawings and paintings to use as props in the school plays. When she began her studies in sixth form she was disappointed to find that there were no courses available to study art and ended up taking it upon herself to stay behind everyday after her regular studies to produce the work needed to get her A levels in art and design. Putting in the hard work to do twice as much work as the other students paid off and Ashleigh was 'over the moon' to get her distinction grades.


Ashleigh was accepted into university but decided it wasn't the place for her; she decided to go straight into work while still enjoying to draw black and grey portraits in her spare time. She decided that after having a few tattoos herself (being naughty and getting her first one at only 15) that she would love to channel her love for drawing into tattooing and after hearing about an apprenticeship at the tattoo station she jumped at the opportunity and worked hard to put her portfolio together.


Since becoming a member of the 'tattoo station crew' Ashleigh has been learning to explore new styles of drawing and hopes to become a talented tattooist with the help of Ken and the rest of the gang.